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Business Processes

Business Management
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About This Course

This course is divided into two parts: business processes and business analysis. We analyse both fields and take into account their characteristics and paradigms. In business processes, we look at the main steps in its designing and its management. Then, in business analysis, we address its purpose and its relationship with business processes. Lastly, we present you several tools inside Microsoft Excel which can be used in the field of business analysis.

Course Content

I. Business processes

 1. What are business processes

 2. Designing business processes

    a) Project management

    b) Process modeling

    c) Business process framework

    d) Process analysis

    e) Process optimization

    f) Process implementation

 3. Process-oriented organizational structure

 4. Continuous process management

II. Business analysis

 1. Introduction to business analysis

 2. Business analysis and processes

 3. Business analysis using Microsoft Excel tools


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