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Foundations of Digital Business

Business Management
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

The objective of this course is to understand digital business and its fundamentals. For this, the concepts of digital technology, digital business, virtual organizations and E-business need to be understood and studied. In addition, the importance of digital business and how it is influenced and influences virtual communities will be mentioned.

Course Content

1. Digital Technology

  a) What is Digital Technology?

  b) Capabilities and Limitations

2. Digital business

  a) The concept of Digital business

  b) What does it mean to be a digital business?

  c) Why is digital business important?

3. The E-Business

  a) What is E-Business?

  b) What is the benefit of E-Business?

  c) E-business and the intermediary role of virtual Communities

4. Virtual organizations

  a) What is a virtual organization?

  b) Structure, strategy and success factors for the virtual organization

  c) Recognizing the limits of virtual organizations


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