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Understanding the Business Environment

Business Management
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

The aim of this course is to introduce you to the concept of business environment. We start by taking into account its main levels, the internal environment, the external micro-environment and the external macro-environment. Then, we address the PESTEL and SWOT analysis. Lastly, we discuss the phenomenon of globalization and its impact on the international business environment and the management of people in organizations.

Course Content

1. What is the business environment

2. Introduction to the levels of business environment

  a) Internal environment

  b) External micro-environment

  c) External macro-environment

3. PESTEL analysis

  a) Political factors

  b) Economic factors

  c) Socio-cultural factors

  d) Technological factors

  e) Environmental factors

  f)Legal factors

4. SWOT analysis

  a) Strength

  b) Weakness

  c) Opportunity

  d) Threat

5. The international business environment and globalization

6. Managing people in changing environments


Frederick Guy - The Global Environment of Business (2009)

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Ian Brooks, Jamie Weatherston, Graham Wilkinson - International Business Environment (2004, Prentice Hall)

Ian Worthington, Chris Britton - The Business Environment, 5th Edition (2006)