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Contemporary Issues in Education

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course will assist educators and others interested in appreciating the strengths, challenges, innovations, and reforms in education at both national and international levels. They will be empowered to adopt modern strategies and approaches in their professional practice but also to implement educational policies and programmes more suitable to the needs of students. There are currently many issues in the education field, around the globe - contemporary issues such as health, housing, gender disparity, poverty, pressure groups, family, and community values affect education at local, national, and international levels. Education also plays a role in addressing these issues.

Course Content

1. Globalization, the Millennium Development Goals, and Education for All

  a) Globalization: The role of globalization in education

  b) The effects of globalization in the education sector

2. Issues of diversity

  a) Diversity: The impact of diversity on education

  b) Approaches to addressing diversity issues:

  i) Learning difficulties

  ii) Language

  iii) Religion

  iv) Gender

  v) Culture

  vi) Social and economic status

  c) The role of education in addressing issues of diversity

  i) Strategies and examples of diversity-inclusive pedagogy

3. The role of schools in addressing contemporary issues

  a) The relationship between school and society

  b) Schools as social agents and social critics

  c) The need for schools to create active citizens

  i) The role of schools in producing workers and professionals

  ii) The role of schools in imparting democratic education

  d) Factors affecting the quality of schooling

  i) Issues faced by schools


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