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Introdution to Education

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course is aimed at giving knowledge about education. Starts by defining what is education and explaining the purpose of education. After that proceeds to discuss why education is important and where it takes place. Also it is important to show what are forms of education and which one exist. Finally the course ends with the perspectives for the future of education and a brief discussion about the challenges that exist for the development of education. Education is important and helps the development of the society and with this course we try to demonstrate that.

Course Content

1. What is education?

2. Education a basic definition

3. The purpose of education

4. Where does education take place?

5. Education within a social and cultural context

6. Why is education important for developing a permanent culture?

7. Forms of education

8. Future of education


Gary Thomas - Education: A very short introduction- Oxford university press- 2013

Dr . Syed Noor Ul Amin - An Introduction to Education- Educreation Publishing- 2017