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Introdution to Learning

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course focuses on explaining what is learning and for that gives an introduction to learning. Learning may come in various ways and this is one of the things discussed in this course. The course will start by defining what is learning and then proceeds to explain how we can learn. Also the methods of learning and the types of learning will be addressed. Besides that factors that affect learning are also included. Finally it is discussed the theories about learning. So it is expected that with this course you gain experience and knowledge about learning and itself the process associated with learning.

Course Content

1. What is learning?

2. How to learn?

3. Process of learning

4. Methods of learning

5. Types of learning

6. Factors affecting learning

7. Theories about learning


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Kelvin Seifert, The Learning Process: Major Theories and Models of Learning, chapter 2 of educational psychology by Kevin seifert

Jane Mellanby, Katy Theobald- Education and Learning: An Evidence-based Approach- Wiley Blackwell