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Introdution to Teaching

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course focuses on giving introductory knowledge about teaching and for that starts by trying to define what is teaching. Then proceeds to explain how we can teach and what teaching should involve. Also teaching strategies are approached in this course. Besides that references to human growth and development are made as a way to better understand the evolution of teaching. The foundation of education is approached too and helps to understand better teaching. In the final part of the course the focus is in the basic teaching model and also in the future of teaching so we can know how teaching will be developed in the future.

Course Content

1. What is teaching?

2. What teaching should involve?

3. How can we teach?

4. Teaching strategies

5. Human growth and development

6. Foundation of education

7. Basic teaching model

8. The future of teaching


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Dr. A. H. Sequeira- Introduction to concepts of Teaching and Learning

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