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Research Methods and Techniques

Political Science & International Relations
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course aims to introduce you to the scientific method and the functioning of social research. It provides you with the methodological concepts and tools used in research and the main theoretical approaches behind it.

Course Content

1. The process of investigation in the Social Sciences

  a) The scientific method

  i) Delimitation of the object of study

  ii) State of the Art

  iii) Main question and hypothesis

  iv) Theories and concepts

  v) Operationalization

  vi) Methods and techniques

  b) Social research

  i) Case studies

  ii) Discourse analysis

  iii) Ethnographic methods

  iv) Focus groups

  v) Grounded theory

  vi) Interviews

  vii) Research diaries
  c) Ethics and deontology

2. Positivism and interpretivism

3. Methodologies

  a) Quantitative research

  b) Qualitative research

  c) The combination of quantitative and qualitative research - The mixed methodological approach

4. Types of academic works


Alan Bryman - Social Research Methods, 4th Edition - Oxford University Press (2012)

Patrick White - Developing Research Questions: A Guide for Social Sciences - Palgrave MacMillan (2009)

Professor Bridget Somekh, Dr Cathy Lewin - Research Methods in the Social Sciences - Sage Publications Ltd (2004)