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Education and Development

Global Development
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course aims to explore the ways that education can contribute to the development process, both theoretically and empirically. One will look at a variety of perspectives, including human rights, social and human development, and human capital. This course will enable its students to understand current debates, and their implications for national and international education strategies. In doing so, it locates educational debates within a wider development perspective.

Course Content

1. Education and Development: Concepts, Theories and Issues.

2. Current challenges and opportunities in education and international development

  a) Gender and identities in education: Education, Citizenship and Youth

  b) Inclusive education

  c) Pedagogical reform

  d) Teacher supply and quality education

3. Non-formal methods of education

  a) Education and Muslim communities

  b) The Global Governance of Education and Conflict

  i) Responses to conflict, violence and public health crises


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