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Globalization and Global Governance

Global Development
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course focuses on globalization and global governance. Begins with the first part about globalization by giving a brief introduction about what is globalization and the history of this phenomenon . Then the course also addresses the question of governance in a globalising world. Starting with an introduction of what is global governance and globalisation, then examines forms of global governance across a range of issue areas – including security, human rights, migration, and humanitarianism. After that shows the roles played in global governance by the diverse actors such as state and non-state actors.

Course Content

1. What is globalization?

2. History of globalization

3. What is global governance?

4. Forms of Global Governance

5. Role of the States in Global governance

6. Roles played by:

  a) International Organizations

  b) Non-governmental organizations

  c) Global civil society

  d) Other non- state actors


Xu Mingqi and Wu Yikang- Globalization and Global Governance in 2020: Our Vision on International Organizations in 2020

Jeffrey Hart, Joan Edelman Spero- Globalization and Global Governance in the 21st Century

Doris A.Fuchs; Friedrich Kratochwil - Confusion Abounds: Globalization and Global Governance Transformative Change and Global Order: Reflections on Theory and Practice

Michael Zürn- Globalization and Global Governance