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Global Security

Global Development
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About This Course

This course is focused in international security also commonly known as global security , that is a subfield of international relations. The course starts with some concepts about security in the international arena and for that references to some authors like Barry Buzan or David Baldwin are made. Also in the post september 11th world , global security or international security has once again become a crucial issue and that explains why this course is so important. The course proceeds by discussing the threats that exist to security since the military threats until the criminal threats. Finally , the course finishes with the security challenges in the era of modern disinformation.

Course Content

1. Concepts of security in the international arena

2. Securitization of issues

3. Military threats to security from states

4. Military threats to security from non-state actors

5. Economic threats to security

6. Social identity as a threat to security

7. Environmental threats to security

8. Health threats to security

9. Natural threats to security

10. Accidental threats to security

11. Criminal threats to security

12. Security challenges in the era of modern disinformation


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