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Human Rights in the Global Era

Global Development
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About This Course

In this era of globalization where we live in a global world, human rights have to survive and it is necessary to prevent violations of human rights. So this course focuses on how human rights are protected in this global era. The course starts with the history of human rights, so you can understand the evolution of human rights since the ancient times til the global era. Then explains the threats to human rights in the global era and also discusses the institutions that protect human rights like united nations or non- governmental organizations.

Course Content

1. History of human rights

2. Threats to human rights in the global era

3. Institutions that protect human rights

  a) United Nations

  b) Non- governmental organizations


Micheline Ishay- The History of Human Rights: From Ancient Times to the Globalization Era- University of California Press- 2004

Julie A. Mertus- The united Nations and Human rights : a guide for a new era - Routledge- 2005