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Introduction to Philoshophy

Global Development
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course is aimed at giving an introductory knowledge about philosophy. Starts with what is philosophy and then proceeds to present some philosophers and his theories in order for students getting to know the basis of philosophy. So in this course are discussed the most important philosophers like Socrates or Kant. philosophy is important in our society and here you will improve your knowledge about this discipline.

Course Content

1. Definition and Meaning of Philosophy

2. What is philosophy?

3. How to do philosophy?

4. Ancient Philosophy

  a) The Presocratics

  b) The Melisians

  c) The Sophists

  d) Socrates

  e) Plato

  f) Aristotle

5. The Rationalists

  a) Descartes

  b) Spinoza

  c) Leibniz

6. The Empiricists

  a) John Locke

  b) George Berkeley

  c) David Hume

7. Philosophy of science

  a) Karl Popper

  b) Thomas Khun

8. Right Action

  a) Utilitarianism

  i) John Stuart Mill

  b) Kant’s Moral Theory

  c) Ethical Pluralism

9. Social Justice

  a) John Rawls

  i) Theory of Justice


Thomas Nagel -What Does It All Mean? , a very short introduction to philosophy - Oxford

Simon Blackburn- Think: A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy- oxford University press- 1999

Nigel Warburton- Philosophy: The Basics- Routledge- 2013- fifth edition

Edward Craig- Philosophy a very short introduction- Oxford

W. Russ Payne- An Introduction to Philosophy -Bellevue College- 2015