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Society in the Era Of Globalization

Global Development
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About This Course

Globalization is a huge phenomenon that has a big impact in the world, and some people argue that it is a world before and other after globalization. So this course shows how society is in the era of globalization, the impact of globalization in the society and the changes. Finally is presented some examples of societies in this era. It is expected that students gain knowledge about this topic and understand how society changes with globalization.

Course Content

1. Impact of globalisation in the society

2. Changes in the society

3. How is the society in the era of globalization

4. Examples of societies in the era of globalization


Jimmy Dabhi- State, Market and civil society in the era of globalisation- 2005

Jaromír Novák- A socially responsible society in the era of globalization

S. H. Hasbullah, Barrie M. Morrison - Sri Lankan Society in an Era of Globalization- Sage Publications