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Urbanization and Development

Global Development
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course focuses on the causes and effects of fast urbanization in developing countries. Using case studies from the world's four major developing regions, it aims to explore the economic and political dynamics behind the contemporary patterns of growth. It examines the local and global dynamics that carry urbanization nowadays but also on the key issues emerging in the growing cities of the developing world, namely, growing income inequality and socio-economic exclusion, environmental challenges, and rising violence.

Course Content

1. Understanding urbanization and development in past and present

  a) Urbanization and development in historical analysis: links and ruptures

  b) Exploring ideologies: competing views of urbanization and development

2. Regional perspectives on urbanization and development

  a) Urbanization and development in Central and South America

  b) Urbanization and development in Asia-Pacific

  c) Urbanization and development in the Middle East and North Africa

  d) Urbanization and development in Sub-Saharan Africa

3. Urbanization and development: selected policy challenges

  a) Urban informality: the shifting locus of poverty

  b) Environmental sustainability and urban health

  c) Violence in cities: the limits of community

  d) Governing developing cities: structure in local governance

4. Critical analyses of urbanization and development

  a) City futures: global predictions and local resurgence


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