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World Geography

Global Development
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course is aimed at understanding the contemporary world through an analysis of physical/environmental and cultural regions. Special attention is given to problems of social and technological change, political geographic disputes, and population growth. So it is expected that students through world geography understand some of the conflicts that still exist in the world.

Course Content

1. Introductory Concepts and Background

2. Climatic and Other Physical Geographic Patterns

3. Middle Eastern Studies: from the Maghreb, to the Levant, to Afghanistan

4. Latin American Studies

5. The Pacific Realm: Oceania, Australia and New Zealand

6. The Pacific Rim's "Jakota Triangle"

7. China's Pacific Rim: The SAR's ( Special administrative regions of china ) and SEZs (Special economic zones of china )

8. Southeast Asia: Between the Giants

9. Resilient Europe: Both West and East

10. Turkey: Caught Between Two Worlds


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