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World History and Politics

Global Development
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About This Course

This course focuses on world history and politics since the prehistoric era until the contemporary era. Divided into six eras, the course will discuss topics like the first empires and also the most recents events of history and politics. Getting to know the history and politics of the world not only, will help you in understanding better what is happening in the world, but also will give you a better insight about the past.

Course Content

1. Pre historic era

  a) Early humans

  b) Rise of civilization

2. Ancient history

  a) First empires

  i) Ancient egypt

  ii) Mesopotamia

3. Post classical era

  a) Early muslisms conquests

  b) Islamic golden age

  c) Civilizations in the americas

  d) The crusades

4. Early modern era

  a) The Ottoman Empire

  b) The Safavid Empire

  c) The Mughul Empire

  d) The protestant reformation

5. Modern era

  a) Industrial revolution

  b) French Revolution

  c) I world War

  d) II world War

6. Contemporary history

  a) Cold war


Jonathan Holslag - A Political History of the World- Pelican , 2018

Patricia S. Daniels , Stephen G. Hyslop - National Geographic Almanac of World History, 3rd Edition

Jane Burbank, Frederick Cooper - Empires in World History: Power and the Politics of Difference -Princeton University Press, 2011