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World Legal Systems

Global Development
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About This Course

This course focuses on the legal systems that exist in the world. It is important to understand which legal system every country has , so we can better understand the law that every country uses. Following this , the course starts by defining a legal system , and then examines every legal system that exists in the world. From civil law until customary law , everything is discussed in this course. Also while explaining the different legal systems , is provided to students a range of examples where these systems exist. So in general it is expected that students gain knowledge about the world legal systems and can distinguish them when it’s necessary.

Course Content

1. What is a legal system?

2. Civil Law

  a) French Civil Law

  b) German Civil Law

  c) Scandinavian Civil Law

  d) Chinese Law

3. Common Law

  a) United Kingdom Common Law

  b) United States Common Law

4. Religious Law

  a) Sharia

  b) Halakha

  c) Canon Law

5. Pluralistic systems

  a) Civil Law and Canon Law

  b) Civil Law and Common Law

  c) Civil Law and Sharia Law

  d) Common Law and Sharia Law

6. Customary law


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