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Climate Change, Global Migration, and Human Rights in the Anthropocene

Human Rights
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About This Course

The aim of this course is to introduce you to the effects of climate change on global migration. We look at its causes and effects, but also at the ways climate change could be mitigated and its impact on society and politics. We then take into account the different variables it encompasses and its relation to natural disasters and gender. Lastly, we define some strategies to manage environmental migration in developing countries.

Course Content

1. The phenomenon of climate change

  a) Causes

  b) Effects

  i) On humans

  ii) On wildlife

  iii) On the environment

  c) Mitigation

  d) Impact on society and the political arena

2. Population, poverty and governance variables

3. Migration and natural disasters

4. Migration and desertification

5. Migration and drought

6. Climate change migration and gender

7. Strategies in developing countries to manage environmental migration


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