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Children's Rights, Armed Conflict and Peacebuilding

Human Rights
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course is focused on the field of children’s rights and its dimensions. We address several topics related to it, namely its legal framework in several areas. We then analyse the civil rights, civic engagement and participation rights of children. Lastly, we look at the role of children and young people in post-conflict peacebuilding and the advocacy field for children’s rights. Finally, we take into account the comparative perspectives around different regions of the world in this topic.

Course Content

1. Introduction to the field of children’s rights

2. Legal framework behind children’s rights

 a) Schooling and education

 b) Welfare and security

 c) Health

 d) Justice

3. Children’s civil rights and civic engagement

4. Children’s participation rights

5. Children and young people in post-conflict peacebuilding

6. Children's rights advocacy

7. Comparative perspectives across world regions


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Bob Franklin - The New Handbook of Children's Rights: Comparative Policy and Practice (2001)

Claire O’Kane, Clare Feinstein, Annette Giertsen - Children and Young People in Post-Conflict Peacebuilding (2008)

Joseph M. Hawes - The Children's Rights Movement: A History of Advocacy and Protection (1991)

Michael Freeman (ed.) - Children's Rights: New Issues, New Themes, New Perspectives - Brill (2018)