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Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Human Rights
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About This Course

This course is focused on the concepts of civil rights and civil liberties. It includes an introduction to their history and development, the main themes in this field of study and the jurisprudence and policy which they are associated with. The main social movements behind them are also analysed, as well as the case study of the Arab Spring.

Course Content

1. History of civil rights and civil liberties

2. Contemporary civil rights and civil liberties: Jurisprudence and policy

  a) Discrimination

  b) Affirmative action

  c) Economic liberties

  d) Freedom of speech

  e) The press

  f) Privacy

  g) Regulatory taking

  h) Reproductive rights

  i) Capital punishment

3. Social movements for civil rights and civil liberties

4. Case study: The Arab Spring


Freedom House - Freedom in the World 2012_ The Annual Survey of Political Rights and Civil Liberties - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2012)

Richard H. King - Civil Rights and the Idea of Freedom - Oxford University Press, USA (1992)