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Human Rights and Immigration

Human Rights
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

In this course you’ll have the opportunity of learning about the history and the development of migrants’ rights. Since immigration is a major sphere of politics and international law, we’ll also discuss the laws and rights regarding immigration and asylum. Then, we’ll cover the topics of state sovereignty, integration of migrants, multiculturalism and cultural identity. The process of acquiring citizenship and residence, the impact of gender on immigration and the existence of human trafficking will also be addressed.

Course Content

1. History and development of migrants’ rights

2. Asylum, refugee rights and refugee law

3. State sovereignty and border control

4. Immigration and integration

  a) Social inclusion

  b) Economic inclusion

  c) Cultural inclusion

5. Multiculturalism and cultural identity

6. Acquiring citizenship and residence

7. Immigration and gender

  a) Impacts on gender roles

  b) Impacts on gender roles

  c) International division of reproductive labor

8. Human trafficking


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