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Human Rights in Theory and Practice

Human Rights
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About This Course

The main goal of this course is to introduce you to the key theoretical approaches and practices related to Human Rights. Moreover, we will cover its history, development and the different spheres it encompasses. The major human rights organizations that are still active today will also be analysed, as well as the major issues related to this field around the globe.

Course Content

1. History of Human Rights

2. Theoretical distinctions

  a) Claim rights and liberty rights

  b) Individual and group rights

  c) Natural rights and legal rights

  d) Negative and positive rights

3. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

4. Different spheres of Human Rights

  a) Civic and political rights

  b) Economic rights

  c) Social and cultural rights

5. Human Rights organizations

6. Main issues today

  a) Asylum and immigration

  b) Bioethics

  c) Censorship

  d) Children's rights

  e) Crimes against humanity

  f) Democracy

  g) Domestic violence

  h) Education

  i) Environment

  j) Equality

  k) Female Genital Mutilation

  l) Genocide

  m) Health rights

  n) Housing rights

  o) Minority rights

  p) Poverty

  q) Privacy

  r) Racism

  s) Reproductive rights

  t) Sexual orientation and gender

  u) Slavery

  v) Terrorism


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Jack Donnelly - Universal Human Rights in Theory and Practice - Cornell University Press (2013)

James R. Lewis - The Human Rights Encyclopedia - Sharpe Reference (1999)