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International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights

Human Rights
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

The aim of this course is to cover various issues and concepts about international humanitarian law, particularly the protection of non-combatants. In doing so we will examine the intersection of humanitarian law and human rights law. We will also focus on the rules that govern armed conflict and aim to mitigate human suffering on the battlefield, as well as the existent mechanism for the implementation and enforcement of IHL.

Course Content

1. Fundamental Principles of international humanitarian law

2. The relationship between international humanitarian law and human rights law

3. Classification of situations of violence and of the actors encountered in armed conflicts

4. Humanitarian assistance

5. Protection of the civilian population, the wounded, sick and shipwrecked under conflict

6. Protection of prisoners in armed conflicts

7. Law of neutrality and law of occupation

8. Protection of cultural property/p>

9. The law of armed conflict

10. Mechanisms for the implementation of IHL


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