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International Human Rights Law

Human Rights
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

The aim of this course is to introduce you to the international law of human rights. We will cover the distinction between human rights law and humanitarian law, as well as procedural capacities, obligations and responsibilities in the field of international human rights law. Then, we will address reciprocity aspects, the concepts of treaty law and customary law, the application of sanctions and the areas of legal indeterminacy. Finally, we will analyse the main issues and controversies related to this topic.

Course Content

1. Introduction to the international law of human rights

2. Human rights law and humanitarian law

3. Procedural capacity

  a) Substantive right to a remedy

  b) International standing

4. Obligations and responsibilities

  a) Human rights obligations

  b) Role of responsibility

  c) Duty to prosecute

5. The importance of reciprocity

6. Treaty law and customary law

7. Sanctions

8. Areas of legal indeterminacy

9. Transnational corporations and human rights

10. Main issues and controversies


Olivier De Schutter - Transnational Corporations and Human Rights - Hart Pub (2006)

René Provost - International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law - Cambridge University Press (2002)