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Human Development and Learning

Intercultural Teacher Education
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

The aim of this course is to analyse the different stages of human development and how they relate to learning. We start in early childhood education, where we take into account the special needs of children and the different phases it encompasses. Then, we analyse the highschool and university years in human development. Meanwhile, we also address the individual differences and the cultural nature of human development. Lastly, we focus our analysis in the workplace and how formal learning and informal learning are expressed in this context.

Course Content

1. Introduction to early childhood education

2. Meeting the special needs of children

  a) The preschool years

  b) Kindergarten education

  c) The primary grade

3. Preadolescence and adolescence years

  a) Highschool

  b) University

4. Individual differences in human development

5. The cultural nature of human development

6. The workplace

  a) Formal learning in the workplace

  b) Informal learning in the workplace


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