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Linguistic Diversity and Education

Intercultural Teacher Education
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course was designed to include interactive, collaborative and practical approaches to working with multilingual learners. We believe that it is important to analyse the components of education and linguistic diversity within a sociocultural and critical framework of learning and teaching, by emphasizing the importance of linguistic and cultural heritages in contemporary society. The acquisition of languages is always a positive aspect of one’s curriculum and we want to help our students progress in their studies, by teaching the importance and theories and practices of linguistics.

Course Content

1. Foundations of Language, Literacy and Culture

  a) Theories of Linguistics

  b) Multicultural Education

  c) Linguistic Analysis of English: Implications for Teaching

2. Assessment and Advocacy for Diverse Learners

3. Methods and Materials of Language Teaching

  a) Basic Concepts in Language Teaching and Learning

  b) Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Practices

4. The Role of Linguistic Diversity in Sociocultural Processes

5. Language Competence within the European Framework


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