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Society, Education and Culture

Intercultural Teacher Education
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course is focused on several topics related to society and culture and their impact on education. We firstly address the school curriculum and the school as an organization and institution. Then, we look at the profession of teaching and several issues in the field of education, namely the ones associated with gender, religion and materialism. We also look at the dimensions of professionalism, performativity and leadership, as well as meritocracy and attainment. Lastly, we analyse the skills which are most relevant in the twenty-first century and the importance of lifelong learning.

Course Content

1. The role of society and culture on education

2. The school curriculum

3. Schools as organizations and institutions

4. Teaching as a profession

5. Gender issues in education

  a) Male perspective

  b) Female perspective

6. Religion and education

7. Materialism and education

8. Professionalism, performativity and educational leadership

9. Meritocracy and attainment

10. Twenty-first century skills

11. Lifelong learning


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