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Contemporary International Politics

International Relations
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course aims to present you with the main theoretical approaches, concepts and events related to International Politics from the Cold War until now. It starts with the introduction of some IR theories, namely Realism, LIberalism, Constructivism, Marxism and Feminism, and relates them to the present-day International Politics and its evolution since the Cold War.

Course Content

1. The international arena

  a) Application of the IR theories

  i) Realism

  ii) Liberalism

  iii) Constructivism

  iv) Marxism

 b) Main concepts

  i) International order

  ii) International organizations

  iii) International system

  iv) Sovereignty

  v) War and peace

2. The power dynamics in the international arena today

3. Present-day parallels with the Cold War era: The USA and Russia

  a) The concepts of hard and soft power

  b) The relationship between the USA and Russia: How it has evolved

4. China: The new superpower

5. Other actors: The EU, India and Brazil

6. Future projections and emerging actors


Antony Best - International History of the Twentieth Century and Beyond, 2nd edition (2008)

Hans Morgenthau, Kenneth W. Thompson - Politics among nations: The struggle for power and peace (1997)

Henry Alfred Kissinger - Diplomacy (1994)