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European Union Law

International Relations
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course is aimed to give the knowledge to understand the European Union , since the historical genesis to the fundamental values and Institutional Framework. So it’s necessary to give an overview of the legal Framework of the EU as an overview of the EU institutional Framework.

Course Content

1. The great steps of European Integration

  a) From Winston Churchill's “Zurich speech” to the Lisbon Treaty

2. A Identity of European Union

  a) Objectives, values and fundamental principles

  b) Fundamental rights

  c) European Citizenship

3. EU Institutional Framework

  a) Duties and competences

  b) The principles of subsidiarity and proportionality

  c) EU institutions

  d) Decision- making procedures

4. The legal order of the European Union

  a) Sources of European Union law

  b) The relationship between European Union law and the law of the Member States.

  c) The justiciability of European Union law and the judicial system at its service


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