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History of International Relations

International Relations
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About This Course

This course aims to give the students the knowledge of the most relevant events, facts and actors of International Relations History, so that they can analyse the ruptures and continuities and understand the present time reality. This course covered the events since The Westphalia conference to the end of the Cold war. By trying to explain these events we can better understand the present time reality that we live in.

Course Content

1. The great political and diplomatic events of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

  a) The Peace of Westphalia (1648)

  b) The Congress of Vienna(1815) and the Portuguese participation

  c) The Holy Alliance and the Concert of Europe (1815-1848)

  d) The Berlin Conference (1884-1885) and the scramble for Africa

2. Main political and diplomatic events of the twentieth century.

  a) The First World War. The Peace of Versailles and the new European order; the League of Nations

  b) The Second World War

  c) The United Nations (1945) and new world order. Bipolarism.

  d) Cold War origins and containment

  i) Truman doctrine and Marshall Plan

  ii) The division of Germany and the European defence

  iii) OTAN and the Pact of Warsaw

  iv) Korea and Indochina Wars

  e) The Israelo-Arab Conflict and Suez' Crisis

  f) The Cuban missile crisis and the detente

  g) Contestations to the Status-quo in Eastern Europe and the fall of Berlin's wall

  h) The end of the Cold War


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