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International Institutions

International Relations
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

In this course you will learn in a deepest way about the International Institutions. From their formation, until their way of functioning, this course focused on understanding the appearance and development of international Institutions in the context of the second world war and their adaptation in the end of the cold war. So it is crucial to understand how the historical context can influence the development and the objectives of international Institutions.

Course Content

1. The historical context of the genesis of the international institutions

2. The main theories on the international institutions

3. Global Institutions: an introduction

  a) The system of the United Nations:

  i) The functioning of its main organs

  ii) The human rights regime and the humanitarian interventions

  b) The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund

  c) The World Trade Organization

  d) The International Criminal Court

4. Regional Institutions: an introduction

  a) The European Union:

  i) Genesis and structure

  ii) Development and adaptation

  iii) Policies and explanatory theories

  b) The European Union after the Cold War: enlargements, institutional reforms and CFSP

  c) The North Atlantic Treaty Organization: genesis, structure and adaptation

  d) The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe: functions and decline

  e) The Shanghai Cooperation Organization

5. Comparative analysis of the genesis and structure of International Institutions


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