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International Law

International Relations
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course provides knowledge about International Law since his origins and sources to international mechanisms of resolution of conflicts. The programme of this course is divided into 10 chapters, which of them teaches the students something important about International Law.

Course Content

1. Origin, nature and functions of public international law

  a) Concept

  b) Historical evolution

  c) Characteristics

  d) Fundamentals

  e) Functions

2. Sources of International Public Law

  a) Treaties

  b) Custom

  c) Unilateral acts

  d) The general principles of law

  e) Case-Law

  f) Doctrine

3. The Law of Treaties

  a) Sources

  b) Celebration process

  c) Interpretation

  d) Application

  e) Causes of invalidity

  f) Vicissitudes

4. International Public Law and domestic law

  a) Monism and Dualism

  b) The primacy of international law

5. Subjects of public international law

  a) The International Legal Personality

  b) The states

  c) The international organizations

  d) The Human Person

6. International spaces

  a) The domain and regime of international spaces

7. International responsibility

  a) Civil liability of states and international organizations

  b) Criminal liability of individuals

8. International dispute resolution

  a) The principle of peaceful dispute resolution

  b) Non-jurisdictional mechanisms for peaceful dispute resolution

  c) Jurisdictional mechanisms for peaceful dispute resolution

9. The use of force

  a) The prohibition of the use of force

  b) The international collective security system


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