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International Protection of Human Rights

International Relations
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course is about the protection afforded to individuals under international law and examines fundamental concepts, principles, theories and philosophies supporting the law of international human rights. It is necessary to first understand the concept of human rights and then we can explain the mechanisms and institutions that exist and help protect human rights.

Course Content

1. The origin of the concept of human rights

  a) Fundamentals and origin of the concept of human rights.

  b) Historical evolution.

2. The internationalization of human rights protection

3. International instruments and monitoring system

  a) The League of Nations and the United Nations, International instruments and monitoring committees.

  b) The International Charter on Human Rights. -Genocide, torture. Women, children and persons with disabilities.

4. The UN treaty-based system.

  a) The Human Rights Council.

  b) The historical and political foundations of human rights protection.

  c) International Relations theories

5. The European, American and African systems.

  a) The European, American and African systems of protection of human rights.

  b) International Humanitarian Law and human rights

6. International criminal Law

  a) Nuremberg and Tokyo courts.

  b) Ad hoc criminal tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda.

  c) The International Criminal Court.

  d) The hybrid criminal courts.

  e) Some present day issues.

  f) The right to development, the right to peace, the right to sustainable development. Minorities and the rights of indigenous people.


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