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Security Studies

International Relations
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course aims to provide you with the main theories and concepts related to international security. It also introduces you to the history of this field of study from the Cold War until today and the main transformations that have happened in the international arena in that period. Lastly, it focuses on relevant case studies and analysis of the impact of globalization and recent threats in the future of security studies.

Course Content

1. The concept of Security

  a) Security and Securitization

  b) History: From the Cold War until now

  c) The Security Dilemma

2. Key theories and concepts

  a) Main theories

  i) Realism

  ii) Liberalism

  b) Critical theories and other theoretical approaches

  c) Types of security

3. Main actors in the International Arena today

  a) States

  b) Organizations

  c) Individuals

4. International issues related to Security: Case studies

5. The future of Security

  a) New threats

  b) The globalization process


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