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History of Political Ideas

Political Science
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course is aimed at Western Political Ideas from the Graeco-Latin thinking to the political thought of the 20th century. It is expected for the students to develop a historical and critical approach to political ideas and issues, motivating direct contact with fundamental documents and books in the history of political thought.

Course Content

1. Matrices of the Political Western Thought

  a) Concepts and political forms in the Graeco-Latin thinking

  b) From Plato to St. Augustine

  c) From Aristotle to St. Thomas Aquinas and the Scholasticism of the Renaissance

  d) Bodin. Machiavel and Botero

  e) Concepts of Christian politics and jus divinum during the 17th and 18th centuries

  f) Locke, Montesquieu and Rousseau

  g) Burke

  h) Counterrevolutionary thought in the 1800’s

  i) Utopian socialists and Proudhon

  j) Marx and Marxisms

  k) Social doctrine of the Church

2. Great Currents of Political Thought of the 20th Century

  a) Nationalism

  b) Imperialism

  c) Fascisms

  d) Keynes

  e) Conservatism and Christian Democracy

  f) Welfare state

  g) Marxism and Social Democracy

  h) Debates about individualistic liberalism and communitarianism


Leo Strauss, Joseph Cropsey (Eds.), History of Political Philosophy, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1987.

Quentin Skinner, Foundations of Modern Political Thought, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1978

Annabel brett, James Tully, Holly Hamilton. Rethinking the Foundations of Modern Political Thought, 2006