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Political Anthropology

Political Science
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

The aim of this course is to introduce you to the field of political anthropology and its main concepts and ideas. We will also focus on the symbolic dimensions of political power, the relationship between State and society and the concepts of tradition and modernity. Lastly, we will analyse the ethnographies in the context of the World System.

Course Content

1. Origins of Political Anthropology

2. Main concepts and ideas

  a) Culture

  b) Power, Institutions of Power and Hegemony

  c) Symbolism

  d) Societas to civitas

  e) Transnationalism

  f) Transactionalism

  g) Kinship

3. Main theoretical paradigms

4. The symbolic dimensions of political power

5. State and society

6. Tradition and modernity

7. Ethnographies of the World System


(Anthropology, Culture and Society) John Gledhill - Power And Its Disguises_ Anthropological Perspectives on Politics (Anthropology, Culture and Society) - Pluto Press (2000)

Georges Balandier - Political Anthropology (Pelican) - Penguin Books Ltd (1972)

Pierre Clastres, Robert Hurley, Abe Stein - Society Against the State_ Essays in Political Anthropology - Zone Books (1989)