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Social Demography and Demographic Policies

Political Science
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course wants to give knowledge about demography, in a general way and also in a more specific way. Talks about the study of population and demographic dynamics but also talks abouts the various subdivisions of demography and proportionate the skills on demographic analysis techniques. The demographic policies and their implementations are also a case of study in this course.

Course Content

1. Demography: the population science

  a) Definitions and fields of expertise of demographic science. The social demography

  b) The human behavior model and the demographic and epidemiological transition

2. The demographic dynamics - in the world, Europe and Portugal

  a) Population dynamics: world

  b) Population dynamics: Europe

  c) Population dynamics

3. Theory and Practice of Population Dynamics

  a) Volumes and rhythms of population growth

  b) Age structures, age pyramids and Male rate of the population

  c) Mortality, birth, marriage and migrations

4. The demographic policies: from the theory to intervention

  a) The world population conferences.

  b) The demographic policies - case studies.

5. The importance of population

  a) Demography and resources

  b) Migratory dynamics

  c) Demography and security


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